iPhone Data Roaming Charges While Abroad

On a recent trip to Jersey I got charged an extra £10.19 for Mobile Internet & Data. This confused me as I always check that I have Data Roaming turned off whenever I go abroad…

I checked my phone and the Data Roaming option was definitely turned off. So how did I manage to rack up the charge?

After a bit of digging I found numerous posts on the internet suggesting that Apple have changed the settings options available and there are now two options you have to turn off before you can be sure you do not incur any charges while abroad.

So I bet you want to know what you need to do to make sure you don’t end up with any surprises on your next bill…
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How To Write A Blog Post

Writing ToolsSome of my blog posts have taken a long time to materialise. If I am to continue writing for this site then I need to get a better grip on the amount of time I spend creating the content. The problem is all to do with my current process!

If I don’t set myself a regular deadline then I don’t get around to writing. There is always something more important… Even with a deadline I have a tendency to leave writing the post until the last minute. The basic idea would already be in my head and then I just sit down and start writing…

Quite often I find things tend to veer away from the initial idea as it was too vague. This can be interesting as my subconcious starts coming out to play and the ideas for future topics can soon multiply, but this is far from ideal. The post tends to grow very rapidly and then requires heavy editing to try and focus the point a bit. This can lead to a lot more time than there should be going into each post…

Posts on a specific, targeted topic, tend to be more interesting anyway. To help with this in future I need to create a more focused approach to writing posts. Putting your head down a letting the words wander off wherever they want should definitely be a part of the process but there should also be some structure.

Hopefully this might be useful to other budding bloggers but also will become a reference for myself when creating future posts.
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Fixing Yellow Cast In Windows Photo Viewer

Yellow Cast In Windows Photo ViewerNow that I have an iMac I deal with my photos pretty much exclusively on that. There is still always the occasional need to view images in Windows and the built in Photo Viewer program is pretty good.

One thing that does annoy me though is that, by default, there is usually a yellow cast over the whole image. This happened to me with Windows Vista and now I am getting the same thing on Windows 7.

It’s not hard to fix but it’s one of those things that I had to look up on the internet so I thought I would write a quick post for anyone else getting the problem. Maybe you have seen it and not realised there is even a problem…
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How To Create A Simple Facebook Address

Lake District ViewIf there are a few people on Facebook with the same name as you it can make it hard for friends and family to find you. How do you go about letting them know how to get to your profile?

My personal facebook profile is at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=720276742. This is a bit of a mouthful to say the least and is prone to typos.

I recently found out how to set up a username so now you can just go to www.facebook.com/peteoshea. This is much easier to relay to any potential friends…

Please bear in mind that I only accept people I know as friends on my personal profile. I also have a Facebook page for readers of this blog. The usual address of that is www.facebook.com/pages/peteoshea/134113493281729 which is also far too long to remember. You can also set up a username for any page you may maintain but you have to have at least 25 fans, or people who like the page. I haven’t reached that number yet so instead I have created a much shorter link, peteoshea.com/facebook, which redirects to my Facebook page.

Sound interesting, then read on…
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